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Onsite Keynote Speakers


Onsite Keynote Speakers

Zuzana Šochová

Everyone is a leader

Maarten Dalmijn

Humble Planning: How To Make Your Plans Suck Less

Onsite Workshops

Online Workshops

Onsite Speakers


On the Agile couch

Radek Orszewski

No wishful thinking forecasting

Nisha Joshi

The Power of Empathy in Estimation: (Because Numbers Alone Can't Solve Everything)

Loreta Pivoriūnaitė

Own Your Energy Every Day, Project – Your Energy Management System

Antoni Tzavelas

The Happiness Blueprint: Positivity Experiments for Powerful Teamwork

Agnė Kelminskienė

Expanding Horizons: Lateral Thinking for Hypothesis-Driven Experimentation

Federico Lahm

The Agile Triforce: Pitfalls and Lifesavers for International Agile Teams

David Pereira

Untrapping Product Teams

Vaidas Adomauskas

How to Launch Products 10x Faster?

Cheryl Hammond

Using Agile Self-Organization to Help Your Team’s “Return To Office” Suck Less.

Chris Stone

Continuous Improvement at Scale - How to identify and resolve systemic impediments to progress

Christina Lange

Corporate Eats Product?

Paulius Tuzikas

Cracking the Code of Cross-team Collaboration

Anthony Pagliocco

Transforming a Region - One Team at a Time

Darren Aitcheson

How to Win at Zombie Kanban?

Tomasz Kropiewnicki and Arif Bobat

Unlocking Agile Culture with the Leadership Circle Model

Tomas Mikelionis

Enhancing Agile Teams with AI: Communication, Automation, Coaching

Raminta Girdvainė

No More Tension! Create the Perfect SPA Atmosphere for Yourself and Others

David Symhoven & Martin Berg

It Needs to be a Mess: Ambiguities in Organizations

Artur Margonari

The 10 Vicious Circles at Work: Detecting and Breaking Them Up

Erik de Bos

The Mental State of Flow - Our Evolutionary Superskill To Deal With Complexity

Dov Zavadskis

Befriend AI: Introducing to Persona Engineering

Onsite Workshop Facilitators


Jenny Herald

Set OKRs With Confidence

Tomas Lekavičius

Navigating Engagement and Ownership in Agile Teams: How to Control Attention, Prevent Burnout and Protect Momentum.

Chris Stone

Build-A-Retro Workshop - Creating Engaging Retrospectives That Resonate

Jakub Perlak

Learning Agility Through Games

Gražvydas Šedys

DeAgile - Easy Way to Build Your Own Agile Framework

Charles-Louis de Maere

An Exploration of Clean Language

Olina Glindevi & Ben Walder

The Power of Visuals in the Agile Domain

Susannah Chambers

Congruent Coaching - Supercharging Agility

Dawid Chudek

From Zero to Scrum Master

Online Keynote Speakers


Esther Derby

Leaders at All Levels

Evelien Acun-Roos

The 5P's of Personal Engagements

Online speakers


Maria Ghlonti

Agile Assessment Insights: 5 Key Lessons From Real-World Agile Coaching

Merita Qerimi & Erik Roka

Looking Through Agile Lenses in Branches Network

James Farley

Bring the Data: Retrospectives

Ziryan Salayi & Steve Trapps

Not Giving a Sh*t Enables Self-organization

Kadri Nieuwmans

Agile vs. Product-led Growth

Archana Maliyackal

From Chaos to Clarity: The Power of an Outcome-Driven Team

Dave Westgarth

Scrum Values Unleashed: Tangible Tactics For Every Team

Cansel Sörgens

Why and How to Combine OKR & Scrum?

Barry Overeem

Unleash (Zombie?) Scrum In Your Organization

Andreea-Ruxandra Peter

Who is Afraid of a Little Meeting?

Patty Aluskewicz

On Shaky Ground: What Plate Tectonics Can Teach Us about Resistance to Agile

Bob Galen

An Agile Coaches Guide to Storytelling

Necmettin Özkan

Scrum is Better with More Lean

Raul Barth

Unveiling Scrum Master Archetypes: Behaviors, Team Impacts and Real-life Situations

Mun-Wai Chung

Want to know how to lead and manage in the 21st century?

Algirdas Milašius

I'm a scrum master! Now what?

Aino Vonge Corry

How We Learn and How To Teach

Online Workshop Facilitators


Denis Salnikov

Systems Thinking for Agile Practitioners

Francesco Bianchi

A Tale of Images

Anna Zakoyan

Elevating Team Performance: Facilitation for Improved Awareness, Intention, and Impact

Michael Lloyd

Dysfunction Mapping - a Tool for Hypothesis-Based Agile Coaching

Kenny Baas-Schwegler and Evelyn van Kelle

Facilitating Collaborative Design Decisions

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