Dov Zavadskis

Befriend AI: Introducing to Persona Engineering

In a world increasingly shaped by AI, the "Befriend ChatGPT: Unlock the Power of Expert Personas" talk is designed to empower Agile/Scrum professionals with the mindset and practical skills needed to maximize the utility of ChatGPT's 'Expert Personas' feature. Focused on the agile space, Dov will brainstorm and provide key insights into making your life more efficient by conducting in-depth AI-driven strategy sessions, and aiding Agiles Coaches and Scrum Masters in improving their techniques, making AI a true ally.

About the speaker:

Dov is a former Talent Sourcer and Career Coach who has transitioned into a ChatGPT trainer and now is the founder of Befriend AI. Dov uses his background to help both individuals and companies better understand and leverage AI technologies. His workshops and trainings aim to demystify AI and offer practical solutions for career development and business improvement.