Erik de Bos

The Mental State of Flow - Our Evolutionary Superskill To Deal With Complexity

Have you ever done something where you felt like you were in a higher state of awareness, your focus sharp like a knife, and time seemed to stand still? Imagine you could harness that same feeling with your Scrum Team?

Even cooler, imagine you could measure that feeling, and use it to guide you in the choices you make at work?

That feeling is Flow. Using insights from Erik's work as an ecologist he will show you how over millions of years we humans have evolved an instinctive feeling for Flow, as a way to deal with complexity.

During this talk, you will discuss how this makes Flow the perfect alternative for our struggles with dashboards, assessments, metrics, and the like. And how Flow is an example of the new kind of tools we need to make sense of complexity and find our way as change agents.

Erik using examples from his own experience, will show you how to use Flow, providing you with a step-by-step approach to start using Flow in your work.

Erik hopes to inspire you to join him in finding other patterns in nature to help us deal with complexity!

About the speaker:

Ecologist turned programmer turned Scrum Master. Erik believes in the philosophy of Agile and fights for the essence of it. He thinks that with Agile we are catalysing major social change starting at the place where we spend most of our time - our work.