Vaidas Adomauskas

How to Launch Products 10x Faster?

At Revolut Business Vaidas with colleagues was launching a new product every few months. At Uncapped they launched digital banking in the USA from PowerPoint to first customers in less than 6 months. At First Circle, Vaidas with colleagues launched digital banking in the Philippines with a unique unbeatable USP (Unique Selling Point) in less than 6 months. Vaidas will share the “magic” that makes such speedy delivery possible. Be ready to launch your next product 10x faster!

About the speaker:

Vaidas Adomauskas is the founder of Agile Coach, the only Agile training and consulting center in Lithuania, the founder of the Agile Lietuva association, and an Agile (and digital products) evangelist in Lithuania.

Vaidas is currently serving as a Fractional Chief Product Officer (CPO) for several international clients. He previously held the CPO position at fintech startups First Circle and Uncapped and served as the Head of Revolut Business at Revolut, the fastest-growing startup in Europe.

For over 15 years, Vaidas has utilized Agile methodologies and digital products to expedite companies' path to achieving business results. He provides consultation and advisory to company boards, CEOs, and managers, conducts training, and serves as a coach.

Vaidas's ICAgile Certified Professional course is accredited by the international Agile Consortium (ICAgile), enabling participants to earn international ICAgile Certified Professional certificates.