James Farley

Bring the Data: Retrospectives

good retrospective is one that benefits from the opinions of all in the room.  A great retro is informed by data.

In this talk, James will explain and demonstrate tools & techniques that support inspection of your system processes, regardless of whether or not you’re utilising Agile practices.  You’ll look at ways to help teams inspect their past and present performance so that they can make better decisions about improvements aimed at improving their flow of work.

About the speaker:

James Farley is an independent agile consultant, based in the UK.  He is a Scrum and Product Mastery Guide for the Agile Mastery Institute, and also a licensed Kanban trainer with ProKanban.Org.

He shared that, “Discovering Kanban, and ‘bringing the data’ has not only helped me to be more effective in the teams I serve, but also improving the wider system that those teams deliver within.

Kanban doesn’t care about Agile or Waterfall, or personal opinions.  It only matters that you have a process.  Capturing and analysing data on these processes, or workflows helps to support empiricism, and improved decision-making.  Importantly, the more teams use this data, the better it … gets.”

He'll be with us virtually, explaining how you can ‘Bring the Data’, and improve your own system improvement initiatives.