Merita Qerimi & Erik Roka

Looking Through Agile Lenses in Branches Network

In the era of rapid change and fierce competition, branches of organizations must adapt and evolve to stay relevant and efficient. Agile organizational structures offer a promising solution by emphasizing cross-functional collaboration and faster decision-making. In this concept, Erik and Merita explore the application of agile organizational structures specifically within branch operations.

Implementing agile organizational structures within branch operations is a strategic move to enhance cross-functional collaboration and accelerate decision-making processes. By aligning branch activities with customer-centricity and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Erik and Merita created branches that are more responsive, efficient, and capable of delivering superior customer experiences. Branches that embrace agility are better positioned to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape.

About the speakers:

Erik Roka is an accomplished leader with extensive expertise of more than 18 years in Mass, Premium Banking, and Branch Network operations, boasting a proven track record within the banking sector. Also, serving as the Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board at Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Kosovo. Proficient in Banking, Agile methodologies, Leadership, Pricing, Behavioral Economics, Business Strategy, and Product Management. A seasoned professional and distinguished leader renowned for team building and fostering personal development in others.

Merita Qerimi as Enterprise Agile Coach guides agile initiatives by reshaping the organizational framework to enhance business processes that contribute greater value at the organizational level. Supervised end-to-end product development through agile methodologies, collaborating with cross-functional teams. Implementing agile WoW in branch networks in retail banking by leading the change as a pioneer in the market.

An accomplished leader with over two decades of extensive experience in HR management and a deep understanding of Agile methodologies. Demonstrated proficiency in collaborating with senior management to seamlessly integrate new work methodologies into the broader business strategy. Extensive expertise in various HR functions, including department establishment, job analysis, organizational structuring, talent acquisition and retention, compensation and benefits planning, departmental restructuring, closures, training and development programs, and performance management.