David Symhoven & Martin Berg

It Needs to be a Mess: Ambiguities in Organizations

Organizations are embedded in a colorful land of shades of gray. They need the capacity to deal with ambiguity, allowing opposing polarities to coexist.

In complex environments, best-practice solutions cannot exist. All interventions lead to unintended consequences. Solutions have built-in problems, some that we might be aware of and some that are unknown. Leadership is not about finding the optimal solution but allowing tension to exist.
We claim that organizations have an innate need to balance the unknown and order as much as we humans do. They thrive under the tension of coexisting opposing polarities.

In this talk, speakers will take you through some of the significant ambiguities in organizations and show you how science can help us navigate in a context-sensitive world.

About the Speakers:

Martin and David met as they volunteered in the Frontiers initiative to build a community in the Sociocracy 3.0 space. They found they had a similar interest in the field of organizational development and complexity and have since been sound boarding and discussing the topics.

Martin Berg is a seasoned agile coach and change management expert with over a decade of experience helping organizations improve their agile practices.

He is also an active member of the leadership board at Agile People, where he contributes to shaping the future of agile methodologies.

Martin has a deep passion for understanding people and their interactions, which he leverages alongside his impressive drawing and illustration skills to help explain complex concepts. For instance, his visualization of the Cynefin framework and his work-related comics are great examples of how he uses his talents to convey ideas that might be difficult to grasp otherwise. You can find Martin's illustrations and comics on his website, www.vige.se.

David Symhoven has worked as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach for over six years. Currently, he is working as an organizational designer and is a member of the leadership board of a young consultancy. He is also a podcaster who answers questions from the agile community and helps organizations to find new ways to solve problems with a science-based approach.