Maria Chec & Joan Lozano Jardí

Build your OKRs

In this workshop, you’ll learn OKRs anatomy. Together with the speakers, you will collaboratively create a checklist to guide the creation of impactful OKRs. You'll gain invaluable insights by exploring the anti-patterns and typical errors in writing OKRs. Additionally, speakers will share the preconditions of meaningful OKRs and last but not least, you'll have the opportunity to write your own OKRs and discover effective measurement techniques. Get ready for a captivating learning journey!

About the Speakers:

Maria Chec is a Head of Agile Practice and a Content Creator - who delves into the world of Agile with her YouTube channel, Agile State of Mind. She has been working as an Agile Coach for years now and has a pragmatic and fun approach to Agile. As Maarten Dalmijn says “She’s making Agile fun”.

Joan Lozano is a Development Lead, Agile Coach, and Content Creator who shares flash learnings on TikTok. After working for several years as an Agile Coach, he is now applying all the knowledge gained to lead an engineering team.