Kadri Nieuwmans

Agile vs. Product-led Growth

In today's fast-paced digital world, time to market is a critical factor for success. However, balancing time to market with customer centricity and collaboration is a significant challenge for organizations. Product-led Growth is a strategy that emphasizes product use as the primary driver of user acquisition and retention. Some argue that this approach is more effective than traditional Product Management in Agile, as it prioritizes user feedback and data-driven decision-making. Others argue that it can be difficult to implement Product-led Growth in Agile without sacrificing development speed and agility. In this interactive talk, we will explore with you whether balance can be achieved.

About the Speaker:

Kadri is a seasoned digital solutions creator with over 25 years of experience, applying Agile principles to solve any challenge. As a co-creator of the digital revolution in Estonia during the early days of the internet, she has since then used the experience to make a difference in multiple industries, ao travel, retail, recruitment, and finance, and for enterprises such as AmEx TRS, John Lewis, and Rabobank.

While a Product Manager at the core, she is a catalyst for transformational change and thrives in building highly productive and engaged teams.

As a leader of a global team of exceptional product experts, she is currently working at EPAM to help clients improve their Product Management maturity and create Product-Led Growth. Her goal is to drive positive impact for clients and communities alike, through collaborative and innovative solutions.