Radek Orszewski

No wishful thinking forecasting

‘When will something be done’ is probably the most common question asked by customers and businesses. Unfortunately, many professionals in digital products and services, be they Project Managers, Delivery Leaders, Scrum Masters, or Agile Coaches, struggle with finding reliable answers. Some people refer to tarot-like Story Points, calculate mythical man days, or torture specialists, demanding more accurate estimations.
Are there any better ways of finding the answers? Yes, there are. Using simple flow metrics we can build forecasts regarding the delivery time (how long) or the delivery rate (how much). It’s less complicated than you think and much more reliable than wishful thinking.
The talk explains common traps and misconceptions regarding statistical forecasting but also teaches what to measure and how to use the metrics to build reliable forecasts as well as figure out how to improve your organizations’ performance.

About the Speaker:

Radek Orszewski is a Lean Agile coach, consultant, and trainer. He has been practicing many methods and tools for over 15 years working in the international organization across Europe. He’s an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and he holds the prestigious title of Accredited Kanban Consultant.

He’s also an experienced Scrum practitioner (CSP-SM & PO). In his independent work, he focuses on optimizing business value flow by including all technical and non-technical stakeholders and working with C-level management. He founded Berlin and Wroclaw Lean Coffee meetups, he teaches at Berlin CODE University, and since 2019 he hosts a podcast “Kanban przy kawie”.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/orszewski/
Lean Agile Ninja: https://www.leanagile.ninja
Kanban przy kawie podcast (in PL): www.kanbanprzykawie.pl