David Pereira

Untrapping Product Teams

Product teams are drowning in anti-patterns. It’s time to help them untrap themselves and create value sooner.

Challenges. Anti-patterns. Deadlines. The lives of product teams have never been more challenging. With ever-increasing pressure, delivering value becomes daunting. Product teams become feature factories and end up maximizing features nobody needs. That’s not what Product teams are supposed to be.

It’s time to help teams untrap themselves and create value sooner! I will share with you what you can do from today on to transform your scenario and become a value maximizer instead of a feature factory.

About the Speaker:

David is a passionate Product Leader with ten years of product management experience. Over the last few years, David led many product teams in successful endeavors. His mission is to help product teams deliver REAL value faster and unlock their potential. Therefore, David helps companies and teams untrap themselves and overcome the multiple traps ahead of them. His biggest fear is the comfort zone. His motto is, the faster we learn, the faster we succeed.

One of David’s hobbies is writing articles. David shares his ideas on LinkedIn and Substack and he loves learning from everyone.