Dave Westgarth

Scrum Values Unleashed: Tangible Tactics For Every Team

This talk explores the role of scrum values in enabling the true essence of the framework. The talk starts with the values at first glance and the common traps I fell into by not giving the values the respect they deserved. The session then runs through each of the values and while illustrating the importance of each also gives a handful of practical ideas and steps Scrum Masters and teams can take to grow and foster the values within their teams.

About the Speaker:

Dave has worked in several roles in and around agile software delivery and currently serves as Delivery Manager at a large scale digital consultancy. He is an avid agile enthusiast and has been working within agile approaches and frameworks in a variety of roles and industries from developer to delivery manager and from central government to fashion & retail.

Dave is a regular contributor to the wider agile community and shares much of his work around session templates, facilitation, coaching, and L&D opportunities freely with community spaces and groups. He has spoken at several agile conferences and meetups and is a passionate advocate for improving teams, organisations, and work environments through agile practices and ideas.