Anna Zakoyan

Elevating Team Performance: Facilitation for Improved Awareness, Intention, and Impact

Are you struggling to improve your team's performance?

In this interactive workshop, we'll delve into one of the most critical aspects of team performance - team members' perceptions of their collaboration, purpose, and results.

You'll learn why team cohesion is so important and how to increase it for maximum performance.

Many agilists struggle with this because they lack these 2 things:

  • Not having a structured and systematic approach to increase team performance, and
  • Not having a plan that would lead to long-lasting improvements.

We are going to show you some of the ways to get these two in place.

What are we going to do together?

Using a proven facilitation approach, you will get the answers to the following:

• Do your teams know why they exist? What is their mission?
• What glue keeps your team together and helps them work in complete agreement? How do we handle conflict? How do we work together?
• What goals do they follow, and what results do they want to achieve?

You'll be introduced to three engaging exercises that will help you put the theories into practice.
You'll see how to enhance your team's awareness, intention, and impact and drive long-lasting improvements in their performance.

So why wait? Join us for an exciting and informative session!

About the Speaker:

Agile Coach, Trainer, and Consultant Anna is the founder and CEO of PrimeProjekt - helping companies to transform how teams collaborate and how the work gets done to create value with no delay.

Anna has 17 years of experience in leading teams, an Agile practitioner since 2010, and has worked with companies such as SGS Digicomply, Krisp, Ucraft, HSBC, Ameriabank, and Joomag.

She has helped 50+ companies, coached more than 200 teams, and trained more than 3000 individuals.

She has been a speaker at various Agile events and conferences, including Scrum Global Gathering 2019, Agile Z-Day 2020, Lebanese American University Agile Event 2020, Frug’Agile 2021, Agnostic Agile Conference 2022, and Agile Tour Vilnius 2022.

Being herself a true humanist, she loves working with people, craving together an "Agile mindset" and getting the most out of each team.