Susannah Chambers

Congruent Coaching - Supercharging Agility

Understanding the value of and techniques for coaching to encourage agile team identity - and the individuals within them - to adopt congruent behaviours in their day-to-day work. This session will give participants a theoretical understanding of the psychology behind the concept of congruence, why it's such a vital and overlooked dimension of high quality and effective agile coaching and they will have a take-away technique to practise for themselves and the teams they work in outside of the workshop.

About the Speaker:

Susannah Chambers is an Agile Coach Lead for a major international fintech organisation. However, she is also the creator of the Metrix & Chill approach for agile teams articulating their value through creating a culture that is ready for engaging in methods to measure impact and that is the capacity in which Susannah primarily joins us. Alongside Susannah's day-to-day agile coaching, ScrumMastering experience and strategic guidance around agile transformation Susannah has presented the Metrix & Chill approach at the inaugural Enterprise Agility World Conference, Lean Agile UK and the Silicon Valley Agile Project.

A key hallmark of Susannah's agile coaching style - and which has gained her recognition as a thought leader in this field through her LinkedIn community - is in the professional coaching wing of the Agile X-Wing. Susannah brings a unique perspective in the agile coaching field here as she has vast experience of one-to-one professional coaching with a diverse range of people from new joiners through to C-suite executives. In addition to the usual agile qualifications and certifications you might expect for an Agile Coach, Susannah also holds an 'excellent'-graded Diploma in Coaching from the University of Cambridge; studied Leadership Coaching at the Harvard Extension School and a Diploma in Business Performance Coaching.

A particular aspect of professional coaching in a tech context which Susannah is recognised for is around coaching teams and the individuals in them to be 'congruent'. This is because Susannah feels hugely passionate about individuals and teams having their unique voices heard and respected, especially those who are disempowered and so may face additional challenges. This golden thread of empowering and amplifying the voices of others by modelling a growth mindset is at the heart of Susannah’s approach to life and also extends to her 'agile parenting' of her 3 school-aged children!