Olina Glindevi & Ben Walder

The Power of Visuals in the Agile Domain

We have developed our Power of Visuals workshop since our presentation at Agile Your Vilnius 2022.

The Workshop will provide an overview of Visual Practices in the Agile Domain, introducing Visual Agile Coaching and the Visual Agile Coaching Toolkit to help attendees become more creative and successful Agile Practitioners.

Agile is already a visual way of working, we will show how when combined with Visual Practices, the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit provides powerful ideas and solutions for improved communication, engagement, delivery of value – and fun.

Our workshop will help attendees start their Visual Agile Coaching journey and will help any Agile practitioner add Visual Practices to their Agile Toolkit. Agile Coaches – and any Agile Practitioner - will be provided with a working introduction to the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit to enable them to use Visual Practices in their Agile ways of working. We will show how the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit provides a template for better, more creative and more collaborative team interactions – this supports the introduction of progressive ways of working that better engage the workforce.

The Visual Agile Toolkit not only enhances the role of an Agile Coach – we believe that it enhances other Agile roles as well as ‘traditional’ Change Roles (BA, PM) – in fact all leadership and team based roles that require engaging and motivating communication and creative problem solving and value creation.

Workshop Schedule – per time allocation:

The workshop is fully interactive with participants encouraged to get drawing and start collaborating through the use of Visual Practices.

Part 1: Everyone can draw (Exercise: Intro)
Following the Introduction, we will get started with some simple and fun activities to prove that everyone can draw – or draw well enough in a business context. We’ll experiment with squiggles or doodles, before playing word association-type games and looking at how drawing can be used to convey different emotions.

Part 2: The Science
Before embarking on the Visual Agile Coaching journey, we will look at the science behind the Power of Visuals. This will allow participants to understand why Visual Practices are such an effective communication and collaboration tool to be used by Agile Coaches (or anyone really).

Part 3: Parts of the Process (Exercise 1)
To help place visuals within a work context, participants will be invited to process map common everyday tasks with visuals – making toast or a cup of coffee for example. Not only will this assist in building confidence in using visuals it will also illustrate how effective visuals are in representing and communicating processes.

Part 4: What is Visual Agile Coaching? (Exercise 2)
We will review the Visual Agile Coach Role Profile, inviting the participants to pick up their pens again and visually represent the roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach as Icons – as well as discussing the Agile Coach role as a group.

Part 5: Visual Agile Coach Toolkit (Exercise 3)
We have created a number of tools and templates to compliment the Visual Agile Coach role. Using both whiteboard/flip charts and online tools (like Drawify and Miro – if available to show on screen) we will explain the purpose of the Visual Agile Coach Toolkit and complete some case study examples i.e. for teambuilding, stakeholder management, D&I and leadership. Participants will be able to practice incorporating Visual Practices into their own meetings and workshops.

Q&A session with discussion on how to practically apply visuals in the Agile domain) (+ expect need for a break within this session)

Part 6: Reflection and Summary
We will close by asking the participants to reflect on their Visual Agile Coaching journey – answer any questions and give tips or advice on how to develop their utilisation of Visual Practices within their ways of working.

About the Speakers:

Olina Glindevi

I help people and organizations leverage the power of visuals for improved communication, engagement and delivery of value.

My deep experience in Agile roles - Agile Coach, RTE and Scrum Master - combined with my creative and artistic qualities has allowed me to develop new ways to raise engagement from my colleagues, creating a productive and fun work experience!

As the Visual Agile Coach I help people explore using visuals as a powerful collaborative tool - from creating a sketch-note to summarize an event, defining a desired future state, facilitating a workshop or setting out a change roadmap.

Ben Walder

As a Change Leader I am always seeking new ways to enhance the environment in which is Change delivered.

Whilst in Head of Change and Transformation roles I have sought to optimize ways of working to enable the Change Portfolio to deliver value with control, seeking to create the best Change conditions for all involved in delivering Change.

I am inspired by Enterprise Agility and Future Ways of Working thinking, which is changing the way we work in change, bringing us closer to the business and the customer. The Visual Agile Coach has given me the opportunity to combine the Agile Mindset with Visual Practices, creating a created a powerful framework for improved communication, engagement and delivery of value – and having fun!