Andreea-Ruxandra Peter

Who is Afraid of a Little Meeting?

Meetings are the bane of our existence most of the time. We have calendars full of them, one after another, most can be replaced by emails or a chat, some are boring, others are interesting and all have (or should have) a facilitator behind them.

If you are the facilitator, finding the right time and place is a struggle. Preparing for a meeting or a workshop takes time and having some experience or certain tricks helps a lot. Especially in this continuous work environment, where you need to adapt to all different types of meetings/workshop setups: Face-to-Face, fully virtual, and hybrid. That is why, Andreea-Ruxandra wants to invite you to a presentation about meetings and what we can do, as facilitators, to stop being afraid of meetings.

She will talk about general aspects of meetings like preparation, keeping track of time and results, but also what needs to change depending on what setup you have. Andreea-Ruxandra can also suggest some activities that can be done in order to improve the results of your meetings and not replace them with an email.

About the Speaker:

Andreea-Ruxandra Peter is a mother and a wife at home, a Project Manager, a Scrum Master, or what the team needs at work.

She enjoys being a meeting facilitator and sharing her knowledge with others. She learned a lot from the Agile/Scrum classes that she had taught. She also learned from her experience in Agile that nothing is as simple as it seems. But being Agile should be about responding to change, about being able to help your client have the best product they could have.

Andreea-Ruxandra’s current focus is on improving meetings, improving motivation, and helping teams learn what works for them.