Tomasz Kropiewnicki and Arif Bobat

Unlocking Agile Culture with the Leadership Circle Model

Often transformations toward agility fail. Why? Usually, it's due to a clash between a company's existing culture and the values needed for agility. From Humble Associates' point of view, it's the leaders who shape this culture. But agile leadership isn't something you can just teach like a school subject - it needs a coaching approach.

In Tomasz and Arif's talk, you'll be focusing on a leadership style called the Leadership Circle Model. Speakers found it's really useful when a company needs to change its culture to embrace agility. Tomasz and Arif will show you the basics of this model, help you work out where you sit within it, and explain its importance for agile leadership.

But it's not just about this one model. You'll also discuss how all leadership styles can either help or hinder an organisation's move toward agility. Speakers goal? To give attendees the tools they need to become agile leaders and drive successful transformation in their companies.

So come along and let's make agility and your company culture work together.

About the Speakers:

Tomasz 'TK' Kropiewnicki is an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator, and systems thinker, focusing on objective results and Servant Leadership. Tomasz is a certified Leadership Circle™ Coach, helping organisations develop and scale their Agile Leadership.

Arif Bobat is an experienced Leadership and Team Coach whose passions include product management, team culture, and supporting leaders through periods of change. Arif holds an ACC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation alongside various Agile certifications from ICAgile and Scrum Alliance.