Raminta Girdvainė

No More Tension! Create the Perfect SPA Atmosphere for Yourself and Others

Be cautious! We are surrounded by perfectionists and they can drive everyone crazy. Maybe it is your boss, colleague, or... You. Perfectionists are people who have high requirements for themselves and others. High is fine when it is achievable and motivating, but if high is too high or even impossible - everyone suffers from that. And you can say whatever you want, e.g. “Mistakes are ok”, and “I don’t need perfect”, but if deep down you have this part of perfectionism, everyone feels your inner standard and doesn’t believe a word. And that creates a lot of tension, pressure, and self-destruction that is firstly damaging for the perfectionist himself, then - very contagious to the team and organization and affects many people's lives after work.

How to get out of that vicious loop of perfectionism? How to match seeking great results with working with ease and joy? How to avoid burnout if you are a perfectionist or work with the ones? Raminta has been exploring perfectionism for 8 years professionally and her whole life as a person. She has found effective practical ways how to benefit from perfectionism, defeat self-criticism and stress, how to match super results with self-care. She will share with you her knowledge and heart. Perfectionism is the phenomenon we meet each day, so the speech will be beneficial for anyone who cares about their emotional well-being and relationship with others.

About the Speaker:

Raminta Girdvainė is an inspirational speaker and transformation coach. She helps people from all over the world to move from the starting point to their dreams by speaking at conferences, doing workshops and seminars, sharing insights in the media, and conducting 1:1 CBT sessions (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy).

She is a Certified Coach (ICF), and Points of You® Certified Trainer, has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Communication, and studied Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for 4 years. In order to serve better others and her own life, each year Raminta spends around 80 days for learning, self-reflection, and raising expertise with world-renowned teachers. Currently, she is studying Body and Movement Therapy (UK program), exploring dance therapy and different other approaches to self-development. While being a curious perfectionist, she always is looking for ways how to match theory with practice, old with new, and great results with ease and relaxation.

Raminta has been working in the field of personal development and psychology for more than 8 years, and in the fields of education, communication, and event organization for 16 years. She is a public speaking enthusiast and has been on stage in various roles (dancing, singing, hosting events, giving speeches and presentations) for almost 30 years. Her projects and experience range from event organization and book publishing to journalism, radio presenting, and university lecturing.

With all her experience and know-how, she helps people to get a broader view of their lives and the world around them, notice different angles, and search for their authentic way to be fulfilled at work and in life. She believes that everyone is worthy to live the life of their dreams and you can start today, from the place you are. No need to quit everything or do radical changes - changing your attitude is more than enough. That starts not from your organization, boss, or team, it starts from… You. The one and only.