Cheryl Hammond

Using Agile Self-Organization to Help Your Team’s “Return To Office” Suck Less.

Whether you’re excited to collaborate in person or you dread having to wear shoes again—or both—it’s clear the great Return To Office is a big adjustment for you and your teams. In the past 2-3 years, we tried to tailor our home office environments to help us work at our best. Now we must re-learn how to share space with others whose working styles, communication styles, needs, and preferences are very different. In some cases, our companies’ Return To Office policies is creating new problems that we might not be able to fix right away.

Teamwork and self-organization are the heart of any agile practice, and this fast-paced session will teach you several concrete techniques for resetting team norms in our new normal. We’ll talk about working agreements and conflict resolution that can help fully co-located teams as well as hybrid teams. Return To The Office might be challenging, but if your team can pull together and help each other through the transition, you’ll be set up to tackle any problem that comes next!

About the Speaker:

Cheryl Hammond, a.k.a. @bsktcase, has a couple of decades of experience as a software developer in the private and public sectors. She led her team's successful adoption of Scrumban for a mission-critical regulatory compliance project under multi-agency state and federal government oversight; mentored former COBOL devs into true-believing unit-testing XP evangelists; and turned a threatened software product at risk of litigation into a lean, revenue-generating flagship offering in nine months, all of which led her to believe that anything is possible. She is not sorry for her many biases, including strong preferences for servant-style leadership and team-based, holistic problem-solving and a strong aversion to agile zealotry. Whether consulting or in-house, Cheryl endeavors to make life suck less for software delivery organizations and the humans who inhabit them.