Tomas Lekavičius

Navigating Engagement and Ownership in Agile Teams: How to Control Attention, Prevent Burnout and Protect Momentum.

Building Agile teams is easy. A lot of people could tell you how to do that. But building teams in a way that everyone would get closer to the things that matter to them and perform in an optimal way long-term is a lot more difficult. There is a gap between the current position of a person/business/organization and the desired one (the goal achieved, change implemented). You are not the person you were before, but not yet the person you want to become. It's an uncomfortable, messy place to be. This area of unowned, unclaimed, or uninhabited land is where miracles happen but also significant risks are at play.

There is no surprise that the best Agile teams are adaptive, flexible, and creative.

Yet, the most significant risks remain - the human factor and time. We are so focused on formal systems, structures, and frameworks that we often forget this.
In this workshop, we will uncover - how to systematically navigate ownership and initiative in the team, how to increase and decrease the temperature in your team using optimal tools to ensure high engagement when necessary and guard the team against blowing themselves up.

About the speaker:

Tomas consults tech teams and executives on leadership & performance. His primary focus is on technology companies facing high levels of complexity, risk, and ambiguity. Tomas' clients are powerful, passionate, and successful. He helps them grow their people and their businesses, adapt and thrive in challenging environments, create more strategic clarity, and achieve what’s truly important to them. In the past three years, Tomas has been training and consulting 1000+ managers and high-performers in tech companies. Before becoming a consultant he spent more than a decade building technology products and leading international Agile teams by himself.