Nisha Joshi

The Power of Empathy in Estimation: (Because Numbers Alone Can't Solve Everything)

In our dynamic world, estimation is crucial to ensure the successful delivery of outcomes for our organisations, customers, stakeholders, and our teams.

While numerical data and quantitative analysis are indispensable components of the estimation process, there is an often-overlooked aspect that can significantly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of estimation - empathy.

This presentation delves into the role of empathy in estimation and decision-making, providing a comprehensive understanding of how empathic engagement helps us to foster team collaboration, leading to better outcomes.

About the Speaker:

Nisha started her professional journey as a Business Analyst and then progressed to leading large-scale projects and programs across various industries.

Stumbling upon Scrum over a decade ago, and with a keen ability to rally teams and orchestrate successful change, Nisha quickly found her footing in Scrum Master and Delivery Manager roles. She's since honing her craft in servant leadership, building, and coaching teams to deliver outcomes that make Gantt charts blush!

Nisha Joshi is also the co-host of the engaging podcast, "The Delivery Space". Together with Sharon Williams and Oriche Williams. she brings a fervor for sharing authentic experiences of driving change within organizations.

Outside work, Nisha is an avid reader, and devourer of podcasts and her specialist subject on Mastermind would be Blackadder Trivia.