Chris Stone

Build-A-Retro Workshop - Creating Engaging Retrospectives That Resonate

As The Virtual Agile Coach, Chris is on a mission to help people to continuously improve each and every day and have fun while they do it.

With over a decade of experience creating high performing teams across a range of industries, from smaller lean enterprises to some of the world's largest companies, Chris is dedicated to creating environments where people can be their best selves on their best day and be supported on their worst.

He is the Managing Partner of Virtually Agile, a challenger consultancy, a regular on the conference circuit, podcaster, trainer, blogger and soon to be author, Chris is always seeking new ways to share his expertise and inspire others to think creatively about how they can continuously improve.

Title of the workshop: Build-A-Retro Workshop - Creating Engaging Retrospectives That Resonate

Tired of the same old retrospective format? Noticed the same problems coming up time after time? Struggling to keep the energy levels high?  In this workshop, you'll learn why it's important to mix things up when it comes to retrospectives and how doing so can unlock fresh new insights that help your teams soar to new heights. You'll practice creating brand new retrospectives that mean something to your team and their microculture. You'll leave this workshop with practical tools and strategies that you can leverage with your teams immediately to drive continuous improvement. How many new retros will we build during this workshop?