Antoni Tzavelas

The Happiness Blueprint: Positivity Experiments for Powerful Teamwork

This talk aims to explore and highlight the tangible benefits of infusing positivity in teams through a series of evidence-based experiments.

It will discuss the psychological and physiological effects of positive emotions, emphasizing the importance of cultivating an environment of trust, collaboration, and open communication. It will then delve into a series of case studies illustrating the design and implementation of experiments that foster positivity within teams.

This presentation will also outline a versatile framework for designing and implementing positivity experiments tailored to infuse positivity into your teams. This framework will empower leaders and coaches with the tools to identify potential growth opportunities and establish targeted interventions to refine team dynamics.

This positive and informative session will share insights on running targeted experiments to infuse positivity in your team, resulting in higher performance and a more supportive work environment while harnessing the power of positivity to unlock your team's full potential and drive organizational success.

About the Speaker:

Antoni Tzavelas is an experienced Agile coach with 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He focuses on finding leaner ways of working within teams while challenging the cultural status quo to inspire and invite positive and learning mindsets.

Antoni’s past as a Systems Admin, DevOps Engineer, and Cloud trainer helped in serving the Agile, cloud, and DevOps community, teaching and mentoring those who are new to the domain while providing them with the necessary strategies and Agile mindset to help cultivate a learning culture.

Antoni is an active user on LinkedIn [] and is always open to coach others and can also be contacted for various workshops through his company site, Lean Bowtie