Chris Stone

Continuous Improvement at Scale - How to identify and resolve systemic impediments to progress

The problem with retrospectives is that the learning identified often remain locally to the team. The wins, failures and improvements a team makes doesn't get shared widely. That knowledge is a resource & a powerful one.

What if you could zoom out across teams of teams?

Join me for an interactive exploration of my top tips, strategies, and hacks for continuous improvement at scale.

Together, we will explore how to break down silos and encourage collaboration between teams, how to identify systemic impediments that impact the entire organization, and how to leverage the power of retrospectives to drive change at scale.


  • Why improve at scale?
  • Techniques for identifying and visualizing impediments to improvement
  • Live demonstration of a few techniques
  • How to define experiments
  • Reflection and session feedback loop


  • How to identify systemic impediments across teams of teams
  • How to track improvements at scale, going beyond the standard metrics
  • How to co-create experiments with those involved to bring about meaningful change

About the Speaker:

As The Virtual Agile Coach, Chris is on a mission to help people to continuously improve each and every day and have fun while they do it.

With over a decade of experience creating high performing teams across a range of industries, from smaller lean enterprises to some of the world's largest companies, Chris is dedicated to creating environments where people can be their best selves on their best day and be supported on their worst.

He is the Managing Partner of Virtually Agile, a challenger consultancy, a regular on the conference circuit, podcaster, trainer, blogger and soon to be author, Chris is always seeking new ways to share his expertise and inspire others to think creatively about how they can continuously improve.