Gražvydas Šedys

DeAgile - Easy Way to Build Your Own Agile Framework

Probably all of us know or at least have heard at least a dozen of different Agile frameworks. We all know Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, SAFe, LeSS, SoS, etc. But while working with Agile for more than 8 years Gražvydas noticed that it is rare that organizations or teams adopt those frameworks fully by the book. And it is natural as different companies work in different markets, and have different histories and organizational set-up. So, exceptions to the rules start to be applied which hinders the adoption of those frameworks.
So, after witnessing quite a few of these kinds of cases Gražvydas decided to create a way of empowering organizations to construct an Agile framework that works best for them. In other words, Gražvydas deconstructed Agile into a Lego-like piece (just following some patterns) and present those pieces to everyone. Now anyone can build up a framework of their own. So, this is what you will do in this session: Gražvydas will try to put those Lego pieces together and help you to construct your brand-new Frameworks. It is both fun and useful as you can bring your own frameworks just after this one hour.
For Gražvydas, Agility is not following a pre-defined framework but adopting it for the best result for the company. So, during the workshop, he will share his experience with DeAgile, what it is, how it works, and how to use it. Then together with participants Gražvydas will work on creating new Agile frameworks for their use cases using DeAgile. The result will be that participants will have a few brand-new frameworks to present to each other!

About the Speaker:

Gražvydas Šedys is an Agile Coach, Consultant, and Trainer. He is a believer and practitioner of Agile Philosophy over Methodology. This is the mindset he tries to spread to his clients and the companies Gražvydas works with. He has been working with agility for more than 8 years. In the past, Gražvydas had his own consultancy company, working with efficiency, Lean, and Agile topics. Then Gražvydas founded his tech startup, failed with it, and moved to the corporate sector (banking industry) for a few years. He has been working with Fintech companies quite a lot. But throughout his journey, Gražvydas saw very different companies applying Agile (from classical IT, to completely IT-unrelated, from very small to very large), which helped him to build an all-around understanding of this mindset. Now Gražvydas loves to spread and share this knowledge he built with everyone around him. Gražvydas also loves networking, so he will be glad to connect and get to know everyone in person.