Darren Aitcheson

How to Win at Zombie Kanban?

By now, many of us in the Agile world have learned about the concept of Zombie Scrum, thanks to Barry & Christiaan from The Liberators and their “Zombie Scrum: A Survival Guide” book. However, for the unwary traveler considering “moving from Scrum to Kanban”, a whole new and different horde of zombies lies in wait, ready to entrap teams everywhere in a web of sticky notes and Jira tickets.

Join Darren as you unearth these hideous beings and the speaker will share some hints and tips on how to avoid their ghastly embrace.

Darren thinks that he has probably used the zombie metaphor enough now.

Remember: Kanban isn’t a software thing, so this session will be applicable to anyone who’s considering using Kanban on whatever type of team they’re part of, whether that be software, HR, Recruitment, Finance, or whatever!

Oh, and in a classic example of being unable to limit his own work in progress, Darren will also explain why the phrase “moving from Scrum to Kanban” is illogical.

About the Speaker:

Darren Aitcheson has 30 years of experience in the IT industry, having been a developer, manager. and build/deploy pipeline expert. His passion for all things Agile and Kanban began 10 years ago whilst managing a team that was responsible for application deployments for a large US insurance company, where a way had to be found to bring order to what was a chaotic situation. Visualising the work of the team and introducing some very basic Kanban principles brought an immediate improvement to the quality of the team’s work and the success rate of the deployments, but, more importantly, contributed to having a much-improved working environment for the team.

Since then, he has spent time as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach and is currently a Lead Delivery Manager with the London Borough of Hackney where he has been helping the IT organisation learn how to improve its focus, beginning by taking the simple step of limiting work in progress across the organisation.

He is also a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, IC Agile - Agile Product Owner, and Kanban Management Professional. Having decided during the COVID pandemic to grasp the nettle and start his own coaching and training business, he has been a Professional Kanban Trainer with ProKanban.org for the past two years and is looking forward to running his first public Applying for the Professional Kanban course the week after Agile Tour Vilnius!