Francesco Bianchi

A Tale of Images

Every day we are surrounded by stories that have a deep impact on our lives. Some make us cry, some make us buy a new car, and some inspire us to focus on getting fit. One trait they have in common is that they are told through images on the television, on our news feed, and on our social media.
And yet at work, we forget how powerful images are and fall back on boring, never-ending text-based documents.
During the workshop, you will try to re-discover the power of storytelling delivered through supporting images. Also, you will be exploring the life journeys of others, unlocking collective creativity, and creating a story that you could tell the following day at work. Don't forget to bring pen&paper and together try to have fun.

About the Speaker:

Francesco is a Collaboration Alchemist on a mission to make the world of work more fun. His current focus is on building learning experiences in a safe and inclusive environment by leveraging all of the cutting-edge techniques for Visual Thinking, Brain-Based learning, and Facilitation for highly collaborative meetings to ensure people are and feel at the center.

He blogs a lot about visualization and how he leverages it in his work every day.