Denis Salnikov

Systems Thinking for Agile Practitioners

Hundreds if not thousands of Agile implementations have been side-tracked or completely undermined due to impeding organisational structures or policies. Quite often, challenging those is also not what Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches get “hired for”.

But what if the organisation actually needs to change in order to enable Inspection & Adaptation and achieve sustainable agility? Or do you need to help the Team to see its current state from a side? What can be the Agile practitioner’s “secret weapon” empowering them to challenge the status quo? If I had to choose only one, my answer would be “Systems Thinking”.

During this workshop You will:
• Get to know the condensed ideas and laws of Systems Thinking.
• Discover how performing Systems Modelling together with decision-makers and stakeholders creates space for often avoided conversations.
• Try out Systems Modelling in practice (lots of practice!).
• Learn some tips & tricks on how to kick off Systems Thinking Katas or Community of Practice at your workplace.
• And much more!

About the Speaker:

Denis Salnikov is a certified Scrum Master, Kanban Coach & LeSS Practitioner working with development teams and company leaders since 2014. He has taken an active part in multiple Agile transformations and organised Product development Scaling at various startups and enterprises in Europe and the US, including “unicorn” startups N26 (Germany) and PandaDoc (USA).

Denis's main goal is to help organisations and their development teams deliver successful high-quality product(s) or service(s) while preserving a vibrant working atmosphere and eliminating the gap between tech and business. That includes supporting and leading change initiatives and (de-)scaling efforts, helping to redefine Organizational Design, and optimising the system by applying Systems Thinking.