Fabrice Bloch

Grok and Plonk go mammoth hunting

Grok and Plonk live in Prehistory. Bad times. No Zoom, no Trello and no Jira. And not even those little coffee capsules that transform your gloomy days in the cave.

In addition, it must be said, the mashed gray frog with cabbage, well that's five minutes. So, Grok and Plonk have a great project: they are going to go mammoth hunting.
Easy: just "stuff" (as we say among the Cro-Magnons) the right team, give them a vision and a target, a little management, and presto. Because, well, that's our project.
Unfortunately, as Grok and Plonk will discover soon enough, a project is never a long, quiet ice age.
They will have to face the strategies of rejection of new initiatives on the part of the wise men of the tribe, annihilate the learned helplessness of the hunters, conceal the micro-management and the inability to prioritize Tug, the leader of the tribe and all then that several tens of thousands of years separate them from the first agile coach!

About the Speaker:

Public agilitator, speaker at Agile Tours, Head of Agile France association, head of Frug'Agile conference cycle, Head of the "heart of agile Paris meetup"